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Boone Trace

A great American story starts here.

Daniel Boone was an explorer and the hero of American pioneer history, the preeminent symbol for America’s Westward Movement across its first frontier. The legendary frontiersman first marked an early trail for other pioneers to follow west into America’s heartland during the spring of 1775. This section of America was a vast expanse of wilderness that served as the hunting lands of the Shawnees, who along with the Cherokee people adamantly resisted what they saw as an invasion of their homelands. Over the next few decades and following the American Revolution, hundreds of thousands of settlers of European descent poured into Kentucky along Boone’s Trace, passing through the Cumberland Gap and on to Fort Boonesborough still 120 miles away.

Along this expansion route today, within the Boone Trace Corridor, are a host of recreational and educational opportunities to help visitors connect with the importance of American pioneer history and heritage. At each site, visitors will discover helpful exhibits that tell heroic tales of historical men and women from two and a quarter centuries ago, triumphant in the face of harsh elements and difficult hardships. Exploration of museums, parks, and trails will also reveal a story of the conflict between separate cultures with different ideas of how best to live life with the resources provided by the land. It is the story that directed the earliest development of a new American nation. It is the important story that helped shape our America of today.

Explore the legends of American pioneer history and the Boone Trace here in Kentucky!


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