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Carlisle, Kentucky - Bluegrass Region

10299 Maysville Road
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park
Carlisle, KY 40311

10299 Maysville Road
Carlisle, KY 40311

(859) 289-5507
Enjoy a summer evening of "Who Done it?" with Blue Licks Battlefields Summer Murder Mystery. Fantastical Theatricals brings us this seasons installment that if sure to be fun for the entire family. Get involved or sit back, relax and watch the fun and mystery ensue. Enjoy a delicious buffet from the Hidden Waters Restaurant featuring all the local favorites with the show beginning at 7:30pm. Take advantage of our package deal which will include the dinner, show and lodge room for 2 people for one low price. This years production:
Doctor Who is the Murderer?

Cascade Cadenza (who is working under an assumed name) is hosting a Doctor Who convention and has invited several currently earthbound former companions to be panelists. All the panelists, and Cascade as well, hope that the event will bring a Very Special Guest of Honor.

The Security Guy is a sour old puss, utterly inept at talking up the ladies and he reluctantly helps Cascade preside over the costume contest. (Yes, PLEASE come dressed in costume, if you like. There WILL be a prize awarded)

This is when the Very Special Guest of Honor decides to show up.

But- OH NO!!! The Security Guy is NOT the security guy after all. He’s actually an evil Master of Disguise, and Our Very Special Guest of Honor’s arch nemesis! And he has a dastardly plan to take over the world- beginning  with THIS room! He even has minions planted among the crowd to help him.

Just as The Master (OD) has put his evil plan into motion, someone dies!  In his grief, our Very Special Guest of Honor accuses the panelists, and Cascade  of MURDER! With the help of the audience he does his best to find the  Can he do it? Will you help? Well then! Allons-y!

Dinner & Show:
Includes dinner buffet at the Hidden Waters Restaurant & dinner theater show.

Room Package:
Includes dinner at Hidden Waters Restaurant, show and lodge room for 2.