Whatever your interest or passion, we invite you to use this guide to help you plan your stay in Kentucky.
Explore the many multicultural tourism opportunities in Kentucky, learning about the state’s diverse cultural, heritage and travel attractions in this guide.
Learn about Kentucky's natural diversity and beauty. Come explore the wonder of the Commonwealth's four major regions.

Regions of Kentucky

From the land of Kentucky lakes, caves and corvettes to the Bluegrass - Horses, Bourbon and Boone Region, Daniel Boone Country and the Kentucky Appalachians, the distinct regions of Kentucky offer outdoor adventure, horse racing passion, creative music and art, metropolitan attractions and everything in-between.

What are you waiting for? Find out more about the Bluegrass State by reading a little about each of the four major regions of Kentucky below.

Western Region

Kentucky’s Western region offers timeless bluegrass traditions, natural attractions such as the famous Land Between the Lakes; the city of Owensboro -- Kentucky’s third largest; and the creative art and energy of Paducah in Western Kentucky.

South Central Region

South Central Kentucky is best known for dozens of Kentucky lakes and its extensive cave system not found anywhere else in the world. However, up and coming cities like Bowling Green, and attractions such as the National Corvette Museum ensure there is more to this region than natural attractions alone.

North Central Region

In the North Central Region of Kentucky you’ll find one of the state’s more popular claims to fame: Horse Country. Soft rolling hills, glowing bluegrass countryside and equestrian attractions including Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Horse Park make this area one of the state’s most traveled.

Eastern Region

In the Eastern Region, outdoor adventure is king. The sprawling Appalachian Mountains, acres upon acres of national parks and miles of hiking trails and scenic routes offer a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eastern Kentucky is also the home of unique culture, music and art of Appalachia, which has spawned many bluegrass, country and rock & roll artists.


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