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Louisville, KY 40203

Demoiselle et Garçon, featuring Silvia Willkens and John Nation

We are pleased to announce the opening of Demoiselle et Garçon, featuring Silvia Willkens and John Nation. Two years in the making, this show is the culmination of ideas inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon from 1907. The appropriation of images from this groundbreaking masterpiece serves as the jumping off point for this wonderful show. The numerous portraits painted by Picasso relate to and connect the current works of both John Nation and Silvia Willkens. The photographs of John Nation consist of strong portraiture of individuals, known & unknown, plus other surprises!  Silvia Willkens will be showing various paintings based on the many women with whom Picasso had relationships plus her amazing interpretation of this “bold, irreverent, death of painting etc” masterpiece!

Billy Hertz and Tom Schnepf have enjoyed a long friendship with Silvia Willkens thanks initially to the Sister Cities of Louisville program. Nearly 20 years ago she came to Louisville from Mainz, Germany for a Sister City art exhibition; they have been close friends ever since. John Nation and Silvia Willkens were also introduced as a result of the previously mentioned program.

John Nation & Billy Hertz were the 1st. two American artist to formally show in Perm, Russia’s 1st. International Art Exhibition, Perm is another sister city. On their way home from sister city Perm, Hertz and Nation stopped in Mainz,Germany where Nation and Willkens were first introduced, they obviously hit it off as well.     

We live in a small world in which everything is intertwined. The Sister Cities program has played an indirect, but large part in making this exciting exhibition possible, “hats off to a worthwhile investment in being part of & participating in the greater world community!”In the same vein of thought:You take whatever opportunities life affords you, then remold them, re-structure, re-think, re-position them into an idea, a work of art or music, a friendship, a program, anything that will help to educate & enrich the quality of life of our friends & neighbors both near and far.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, April 20th. @ 1pm & continues through May 31st.

Gallery hours: Tues. – Fri. 11-5,  Sat. 11-3