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The goal of the Kentucky “Trail Town” concept is to help give your community the tools to create
a vibrant, healthy tourism economy while preserving its special sense of place. Our Office of Adventure
Tourism has provided ideas for development practices into an official “Kentucky Trail Town Certification”
opportunity. This how-to guide will help you through the process by providing quality planning and
implementation tools to make the necessary trail connections as well as ideas on how to revitalize
your town into a tourism destination.

We have included the following to help you through the process of becoming an official
Kentucky Trail Town. Here’s what you’ll below:

Trail Town Task Force Committee (TTTFC) Membership


Application Process for Trail Town Designation

Kentucky Trail Towns - A How-to-Guide for Communities

Trail Town Assessment I - The Trail

Trail Town Assessment II - The Town

About the Action Plan

Kentucky Resources

Tourism Marketing Incentive Program FY 2011/12

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Kentucky Adventure Tourism Funding Resource

  Trail Town Workbook