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July 8, 2014 - Issue 12

1)  ESTO - $5,000 Road Trip Prize
2)  New App - I'm Stuck - U.S. Travel Association
3)  Culinary Input Reminder
4)  Media Lead - Restaurant Reminder

1)  ESTO - $5,000 Road Trip Prize
     Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO), to be held In Louisville, Aug. 24-26, has announced a new feature that Kentuckians, in particular, should consider. Trip Advisor and ESTO are sponsoring a special “Road Show” contest for attendees driving to the conference. The winner will receive a $5,000 advertising package from Trip Advisor. For contest details click here.
     As a reminder, ESTO and the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism have partnered to extend a special registration offer to Kentucky Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). ESTO has extended the early bird rate to apply to Kentucky DMOs until the conclusion of registration.  For those who are members of the U.S. Travel Association (USTA), the reduced registration fee is $630, and for nonmembers the fee is $800. Additionally, KDTT has designated the ESTO conference as eligible for reimbursement through the co-op program. That means the registration fee will be reimbursed at the 90 percent matching rate.
     Registration can be done through the ESTO website here.  Use the code Kentucky#1.

2)  New App - I'm Stuck - U.S. Travel Association
     The following is from U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger J. Dow, and is a wonderful way to get the word out for all travelers in the U.S.

     “Because the journey is as important as the destination, a new mobile app called ‘I’m Stuck’ is now available from U.S. Travel and Building America’s Future. This app allows travelers to easily notify their Senator or Representative whenever they are stuck in traffic, stuck on a tarmac, delayed on a train or a subway or a bus -- and it urges action on our nation’s failing infrastructure.
     The voices of thousands of travelers are especially critical now as our nation enters the two busiest months of domestic travel (July and August) and faces the imminent depletion of the Highway Trust Fund, the main source of funding for roads, bridges and transit systems. We need not be silent as progress grinds to a halt and American jobs stall on projects that will only help facilitate efficient travel for years to come.
     Tap the App, Don’t Pound the Steering Wheel
We need your help to publicize I’m Stuck across the industry and to the millions of people that you reach. Here are several ways you can help:
•    Download the I'm Stuck app and put it to use yourself (iPhone and Android).
•    Promote the I’m Stuck app on your social channels.
•    Share the I’m Stuck app via your internal communications and encourage its use, whether your network comprises a few folks or thousands of American workers.”

3)  Culinary Input Reminder
     With everyone's busy summer schedule and the holidays, we are repeating this request for those who may have missed it or put it aside to work on later.
     As many of you are aware, the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism (KDTT) is working on an initiative to promote culinary tourism in Kentucky. But our promotion of Kentucky's culinary delights and destinations is only as good as the quality of information we, as an industry, provide to our visitors. That's where your help is needed.
     KDTT is requesting that each tourist commission or community convention and visitors bureau update its information in the KDTT database for culinary sites and attractions in your community. Specifically, we are asking you to review and update information on all restaurants, farmers markets, farm tours, vineyards and wineries, craft breweries and distilleries in your community that are currently listed in our database, and to add new information where necessary. In addition, we are also requesting that you review and update information on food-related festivals and events in your area.
     We cannot stress enough the importance of having current and accurate information to effectively promote your destinations to the traveling public. The deadline for review and updates is Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Once you have completed your review and update, and/or if you have any questions about our culinary initiative, please contact Kimberly Clay at If you have questions about entering or updating your database information, please contact Brad Keith at

4)  Media Lead - Restaurant Reminder
     Journalist Gary P. West received many responses to his request for older, established restaurants across Kentucky, but he still needs additional listings to complete his book. No chains, please.
     If you have information for Gary, make sure you type out his entire email address, The email was changed and some computers still pick up the old address.


The Kentucky Department of Travel & Tourism is an agency within the Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet,which promotes the Commonwealth as a travel destination. Tourism in Kentucky has an economic impact of more than $12.5 billion, supports about 175,746 jobs and generates $1.3 billion in taxes.                   

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