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Owensboro, Kentucky - Bluegrass, Blues & Barbecue
Old Kingfisher is 13.2 acres, new is 21.2 acres, both have ramps and a wide vaiety of sport fish.
  • Boating Sports
  • Hunting / Fishing

Kingfisher Lakes total about 35 acres in Daviess County adjacent to Carpenter Lake. Highway 405 splits Old Kingfisher Lake from New Kingfisher Lake. Old Kingfisher has been opened to the public since 1900, and New Kingfisher has been open since 1942. Each lake has a boat ramp and gravel parking areas for anglers, and each lake has a wide diversity of fish species present. Kingfisher lakes are fed by Pup Creek which would fill the lakes with fish when it would back up into the lakes. Kingfisher Lakes is now owned and managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and provides locals and visitors a place to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing.