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Lebanon, Kentucky - Bourbon, Horses & History

370 Fagan Branch Rd.
Lebanon, KY 40033

140 acre reservior, no gasoline powered motors, 3.2 mile Cecil L. Gorley naturalist trail, primitive camping
  • Hiking
  • Boating Sports
  • Hunting / Fishing
  • Camping

Located in the geographical center of Kentucky, Fagan Branch Reservoir in Lebanon Kentucky is a popular lake for anglers and nature lovers both. With a surface of 140 acres, it is small enough to cover the lake thoroughly in a single outing. There are no gas powered motors allowed, but electric motors are welcome as well as canoes and other self propelled water craft. The fishing outlook is good at Fagan Branch for a number of the most popular sport fish species. Also, trout fishermen will be excited to learn that the reservoir has recently been receiving stockings of rainbow trout. The 3 mile Cecil L. Gorley Naturalist Trail surrounds the lake. The trail offers numerous views of the lake as well as a chance to view unique species of wildlife including a mature bald eagle. Located less than a mile from another popular fishing destination, Marion Sportsman Lake, Fagan Branch Reservoir is a great place located right in the heart of Kentucky.