Kentucky River Pool 4

Frankfort, Kentucky


10.5 & 4 mile float options, fishing, 4 boat ramps

  • Water Adventures
  • Hunting / Fishing
General Description

Pool 4 of the Kentucky River weaves and winds through the heart of the capital city. In the late 1700s, pioneers from Bryan Station established the first ford crossing on this stretch of river, which became known as Frank's Ford. A popular crossing spot for both pioneers and buffalo that used to inhabit the area, Frank's Ford was just upstream from Benson's Creek. The name stuck and eventually became what is now Frankfort. This Blue Water Trail offers some great fishing as well as a chance to view Kentuck's capital from a new perspective. Two popular options are a ten and a half mile float beginning at Clifton Boat Ramp and Marina in Woodford County and a four mile relaxing float beginning at Lee's Ramp. The take out for the all day float is Lee's Ramp, and the four mile floaters should take out at Benson Creek Boat Ramp. There are fishing opportunities for black bass, bluegill, catfish white and hyrbid striped bass and even muskie on this stretch of river.


Frankfort, KY 40601

Region: North Central
County: Franklin
Phone: 800-858-1549
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