Dr. Norman & Martha Adair Wildlife Management Area

Burlington, Kentucky


635 acres, mostly steep forested land, open under most statewide hunting regulations, deer hunting open to bow & crossbow only, 10 miles of hiking trails

  • Hiking
  • Hunting / Fishing
  • Wildlife Viewing
General Description

In Boone County is the Dr. Norman & Martha Adair Wildlife Management Area. The property was donated by Dr. Adair and his wife before he passed away. He wanted to pass on his desire to not see the beautiful parcel developed, and have it preserved for future generations. There are 10 miles of trails on the WMA and they are open to foot traffic only. They are steep in some places; visitors might want to be prepared for a haul. It's open to statewide hunting regulations but only bows or crossbows may be used to take deer. Gum Branch cuts through the center of the WMA which happens to be located very near Big Bone Lick State Park.


Big Bone Church Road
Burlington, KY 41005

Region: North Central
County: Boone
Phone: 800-858-1549
Email: info.center@ky.gov
Website: fw.ky.gov/More/Docum...
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