Hensley Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Whitesburg, Kentucky


4,849 acres, hunting under statewide regulations, 10 miles long on crest of Pine Mountain, accessed by Little Shepherd Trail,

  • Hiking
  • Hunting / Fishing
  • Wildlife Viewing
General Description

The Hensley-Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area in Letcher County covers 5,000 acres of some of the highest land in the Commonwealth. This WMA is approximately 10 miles long, and follows the crest of Pine Mountain. It is in pristine condition and is almost completely intact and void of human development. Access to the WMA is via the Little Shepherd Trail. Numerous species of wildlife and birds can be found on the WMA, and it is open under statewide hunting regulations. Enjoy some of the most unique, and challenging terrain of the commonwealth.


KY Highway 1679
Whitesburg, KY

Region: Eastern
County: Letcher
Phone: 800-858-1549
Email: info.center@ky.gov
Website: fw.ky.gov/More/Docum...
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