Joe Creason Park

Louisville, Kentucky


62.15 acres, 6.2 mile cross country trail, Louisville Tennis Center,

  • Hiking
General Description

The history of Joe Creason Park and how it came to be is a long one that dates back to the late 1700s. Two original estates occupied the property and have been passed and sold numerous times since the original owners built their homes and estates there. Now, the 63 acres attract nature lovers, cross country runners and outdoor enthusiasts all year long. There are over six miles of trails for hikers and cross country runners, a multi use path that totals almost two miles in length, as well as other park facilities. Joe Creason Park is home to the Louisville Tennis Center and its nine clay courts, as well as the administration building for Louisville Metro Parks. There's plenty to keep you busy at Joe Creason Park, no matter if you go for the recreation or the history lesson.


Bennett Knox
1297 Trevilian Way
Louisville, KY 40213

Region: North Central
County: Jefferson
Phone: 502-456-8100
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