Elkhorn Adventures White Water Rafting

Elkhorn City, Kentucky


Paddling near Elkhorn City Ky and Breaks Interstate Park, class I to Class V+,

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General Description

It has been described as the best white water east of the Mississippi River, and the Grand Canyon of the South. Believe it or not, such lofty titles do little justice to the beauty and recreation potential for this area of the commonwealth. Elkhorn City in far eastern Kentucky is home to the Russell Fork River, which is fast becoming one of the top paddling destinations in the country. Every October, as the Flanagan Reservoir is drawn down to its winter pool, the released water flows through the Pound River where it eventually meets the Russell Fork. The result is a white water mecca. Class 5+ water draws the most seasoned and adventurous paddlers from around the country to Elkhorn City where they are met with a warm reception and good eastern Kentucky hospitality. Not only for the die hard paddlers though, this area also has plenty of paddling trips for less skilled boaters as well. The most novice of paddlers will have no trouble finding water that will help them hone their skills, and the middle sections of the river are great for intermediate boaters.


Steve Ruth
PO Box 681
Elkhorn City, KY 41522

Region: Eastern
County: Pike
Phone: 606-754-4339
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