T.N. Sullivan Wildlife Management Area

Frankfort, Kentucky


Bank access to Elkhorn Creek, open to statewide hunting seasons, except modern firearm,

  • Hunting / Fishing
  • Wildlife Viewing
General Description

Anglers looking for a unique opportunity will find it just outside of the Capital City of Frankfort at T.N. Sullivan Wildlife Management Area. Bank fishing on Elkhorn Creek is a popular activity among the locals due to the creek's reputation as a quality smallmouth bass fishery. In addition, the WMA has gained popularity due to the limited public access of Elkhorn Creek's banks. The area is also open to statewide hunting seasons with the exception of deer's modern firearm season. Rabbit and squirrel populate the bank, providing decent, small game hunting opportunities. Canoes may be launched on the WMA but it's not recommended as a take out point for paddlers because of the rather steep hike to the parking area. This section of the creek is also home to vast numbers of channel cats, along with other black bass species.


Highway 1262
Frankfort, KY 40601

Region: North Central
County: Franklin
Phone: 800-8581549
Email: info.center@ky.gov
Website: fw.ky.gov/More/Docum...
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