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Begins near Columbus, Kentucky at Columbus-Belmont State Park, travels east along Kentucky-Tennessee border, popular stops include Land Between the Lakes, Barren River Lake State Resort Park, Dale Hollow State Resort Park, Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, Big South Fork, CUmberland Falls, Pine Mountain State Resort Park and Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
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If you enjoy spending time on the water, Kentucky is the place for you. With an abundance of lakes, the Southern Lakes Tour highlights many of the most popular in the state. Enjoyed by boaters, water sports enthausists and anglers alike, the lakes along this tour are sure to please. Beginning in far western Kentucky at Columbus-Belmont State Park on the Mississippi River, the tour travels west to east along Kentucky's southern border. Lakes you will encounter include Kentucky, Barkley, Barren River, Dale Hollow and Cumberland. Not only are these the largest lakes in the state, they all feature State Park Lodges that are some of the most recommended in the entire system. There are plenty of other exciting attractions along this tour though. The Big South Fork National Recreation Area is a great place to experience all kinds of outdoor recreation. As the tour begins to draw to a close you can still trace the footsteps of Daniel Boone at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.