Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Campton, Kentucky


1st Via Ferrata in USA-climbing system using cables ans hand/foot rungs, 6 sections of adventure climbimg ranging in difficulty from beginner-experienced, guided clibing trips, guided rappells from 30-90 ft, call ahead for reservations/availability

  • Extreme Adventure
General Description

Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure located in Red River Gorge is home to the very first Via Ferrata in the United States. Torrent Falls also offers a climbing adventure broken up into six sections with with varying levels of difficulty. Guided climbing and rappelling is also an option for adventure seekers visiting Torrent Falls. Instruction and all necessary gear is provided for guests to ensure they have the safest, best time possible. A great way to experience the beautiful Red River Gorge, Torrent Falls is a top destination for those in need of some heart pumping adventure. Reservations are required for the guided climbs and rappells, and it is always a good idea to call ahead and check for availability.


Nicole Meyer
1617 N. KY 11
Campton, KY 41301

Region: Eastern
County: Wolfe
Phone: 606-668-6613
Email: nicole@torrentfalls....
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