Lousville Mega Cavern & Mega Zips

Louisville, Kentucky


100 acre underground cavern, 5 line underground zipline adventure, swinging bridges, tour of 17 miles on trams beneath the city, replica fallout bunker and old mining operation

  • Caving
  • Extreme Adventure
General Description

Unique only begins to describe the underground adventure that awaits below Kentucky's most populated city. It is home to the world's first and only complete subterranean zipline. Travel along five lines, including a fun-filled dual racing zip, and across three suspending bridges on an exhilarating ride for up to two hours. Covering 100 acres beneath Louisville, Kentucky Louisville Mega Cavern has 17 miles of corridors to explore some of the most unique sights in the commonwealth. With an average temperature of around 58 degrees the cavern stays comfortable throughout the year. Knowledgeable guides will lead you on a tram tour throughout the underground and teach you about early cavern formations, a replica of a Cuban Missile Crisis Fallout Bunker & historical remains of the old mining operation.


Jacque Miller
1841 Taylor Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213

Region: North Central
County: Jefferson
Phone: 502-855-6342
Email: jacque.miller@louisv...
Website: www.louisvillemegaca...
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