The 2014 Kentucky Century Challenge


Be among an elite group of cyclists who earn the right to wear this great jersey!!!


Thanks to our 2014 Sponsors for making the Challenge possible! 

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Only One Ride Left in the 2014 Kentucky Century Challenge!


Three of the four Kentucky Century Challenge rides are now in the books, with just the Hub City Tour in Elizabethtown on Saturday, September 13 remaining.   285 riders are still in the running to earn the coveted 2014 Kentucky Century Challenge jersey!  Of those 285 riders, 161 could still earn a jersey absolutely free by completing the century ride at the Hub City Tour! 

Congratulations to everyone who is still in the running!

We will have more information about the ordering process and our jersey pick up party and ride soon. That information will be e-mailed to everyone eligible for a jersey and will also be posted here.  Please use the link below to check your status after the Preservation Pedal.  If the information on the spreadsheet is inaccurate, please contact us at


Century Challenge Rider Check-In Post Preservation Pedal 2014

Guidelines for the 2014 Challenge:

Registration is now closed for the 2014 Kentucky Century Challenge.  Good luck to all the participants!

To remain qualified for your jersey you MUST check in at the Century Challenge Check in location after each event you ride.  You will receive an e-mail from us telling you where and how to check in before each ride – it is your responsibility to provide an updated e-mail address if that changes after you register so that you can make sure you get the information you need!

The Jersey

  • Ride all 4  -  Get it Free!!! - Be among the first 800 to register and complete all 4 participating rides and you’ll earn a free jersey.
  • Ride 3 of 4 – Get it Below Cost!!!  - Be among the first 800 to register and complete 3 of the 4 rides and you will have the opportunity to purchase a jersey for the discounted and below cost price of $30.
  • Late Registration You Can Still Get it!!! - We will not impose a cap on registrations for the Kentucky Century Challenge, however only the first 800 registrants may earn a free or discounted jersey.  If your registration number is higher than 800, you can still participate in the challenge and earn a jersey, however the cost for your jersey will be $45 plus shipping and handling if you request your jersey be shipped.


Only riders completing the challenge will qualify for the jersey –

The jersey will not be sold or made available through any other means

Riders requesting that we ship their jerseys will pay a $6 shipping and handling fee.  We will have several convenient pick-up points, but we hope that many of our successful challenge participants will be able to join us for the jersey distribution celebration!!

 2014 Partner Rides 

 The Redbud Ride - Presented by London Downtown-London, KY - April 11-13 2014. 3 Days of Cycling Fun!  To register, go here:


  • The Horsey Hundred - Presented by the Bluegrass Cycling Club and hosted by Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY - The 37th annual Horsey Hundred will be held on Memorial Day Weekend. To register, go here




Matching bibs, shorts and arm warmers will be available!

Based upon the interest expressed as part of our registration, we will be offering for purchase at our cost matching bib shorts, regular shorts, and arm warmers to anyone earning a jersey.  You will be able to order and pay for any extra items you want at the same time you order your jersey. 

 The Jersey Distribution Celebration

If all goes according to plan, our jersey distribution celebration for 2014 will be earlier in the fall, on a weekend, and will include a ride – stay tuned for more details!!!

A special thanks to our jersey vendor, Starlight Custom Apparel and our graphic designer, John Mahorney of JEM Creative.




Have a question or need information?  E-mail us at