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Beckley Creek Park

Louisville, Kentucky - Bourbon, Horses & History

US 60
Louisville, KY 40245

1.69 mile hiking trail made mostly of crushed stone and rated “easy.” It begins at the southern end of the Thornton Bridge and widely circles the Humana Grand Allee, passing by wooded areas, through meadows, and along Floyds Fork before meeting up with the Louisville Loop and circling back to the bridge.
  • Hiking

The Beckley Creek Park is one of the most traditional style parks in the Parklands of Floyds Fork system. Located near Shelbyville Road and I-64, Beckley Creek Park has more than its share of outdoor recreational offerings. Canoe and kayak access to Floyds Fork is one popular draw to Beckley Creek Park, as is the fishing in the creek and park ponds. A two and a half mile trail on the park is open to both hikers and bikers as well. Beckley Creek Park also has the 22 acre Signature Egg Lawn for special events, the Gheens Foundation Lodge, PNC Achievement Center Community Gardens and the state of the art Marshall Playground & Sprayground. Beckley Creek Park will undoubtedly be a huge draw and centerpiece in the state of the art Parklands of Floyds Fork system.