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BUCK 226

Red River Gorge Geological Area

Stanton, Kentucky - Daniel Boone Country

3451 Sky Bridge Road
Stanton, KY 40380

Moderately difficult trail descending to a creek crossing and ascending to a ridge connects Pinch-em-Tight Trail/Sheltowee Trace with Koomer Ridge trail
  • Hiking

The Cumberland Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest is split into two main reacreational areas. The Red River Gorge is world renown for the rock climbing and rappelling opportunities, and is one of the top destinations for these activities in the country. There are plenty of trail opprotunities in the area too, as well as some great sites to camp or rent a cabin. The Red River Gorge sits adjacent to Natural Bridge State Resort Park, and has its own 90 miles of trails. With all it has to offer adventure seekers, its no wonder why the Red River Gorge has become so popular. The Red River is a wild and scenic river, and provides some great paddling opportunites when conditions are right.