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Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Slade, Kentucky - Daniel Boone Country

2135 Natural Bridge Rd.
Slade, KY 40376

Starting at the top of Natural Bridge, this is an easy walk around the rim of the cliffs. The trail goes past the sky lift and winds out the ridge to Lookout Point, the sandstone cliff visible from the Natural Bridge. Follow Laurel Ridge Trail around the bend and you will come to the top of Devil’s Gulch Stairway, a very steep stairway that leads to Battleship Rock Trail and a shortcut to Hemlock Lodge and the parking areas. If you continue on Laurel Ridge past Devil’s Gulch, you will arrive at another set of stairs on your right. This is the Needle’s Eye Stairway, built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It will also lead you to Battleship Rock Trail. Laurel Ridge Trail continues on along the top of the ridge to a dead end at Lover’s Leap, an overlook with a commanding view of the canyon below.
  • Hiking

The sandstone arch which Natural Bridge State Resort Park derives it's name took millions of years to form. Located near Slade in eastern Kentucky, Natural Bridge is found off the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway. The park has some of the most unique geological formations, and breathtaking views found anywhere in the commonwealth. Serious adventure seekers love to visit Natural Bridge due to its plentiful variety of activities. Hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, geological landmarks and a Skylift are just a few of the opportunities available to visitors. There is also a 60 acre lake in the park, as well as a lodge with full amenities. People find themselves totally immersed in their natural surroundings when visiting Natural Bridge State Resort Park, and it keeps many people returning year after year.