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Greenbo Lake State Resort Park

Greenup, Kentucky - Kentucky's Appalachians

965 Lodge Rd.
Greenup, KY 41144

The Michael Tygart Loop Trail begins at the Jesse Stuart Lodge and follows the Fern Valley Trail for about half a mile then goes off the the left. The trail is marked in yellow blazes and at 1.5 miles it crosses the road and passes by a cemetery and continues on to Blackberry Shelter (shelter #1 on map) and continues on for approximately 1, mile where it will come out at Bays Ridge Road. Turn right on the gravel road and follow it for .25 mile and pick up the trail as it enters into the woods at sign that says Park Marina. Keep going straight and follow yellow blazes where you will descend a short hill into the Pruitt Fork Valley. From this point on you will pass by a few small creeks and see a few abandoned homes from about 1880, along with a variey of plant life, and animals. Upon reaching the lake the trail will follow the shoreline for about two miles back to the Park Marina. The Michael Tygart Loop Trail is most enjoyable in fall, winter, and spring. April and May are good months to photographing wildflowers and the end of October is a great time for seeing fall colors.
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Located in gorgeous Greenup County, Greenbo Lake State Resort Park is guaranteed to please the outdoor enthusiast. With a number of different trails to tackle, 93 camping sites, and a lake with an excellent representation of the most popular game fish species, everyone is sure to enjoy themselves at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park.