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Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Pineville, Kentucky - Daniel Boone Country

1050 State Park Rd.
Pineville, KY 40977

This loop trail visits Rock Hotel, one of two large sandstone rock shelters within the park. Such natural shelters or “rockhouses” as they are frequently called in the southeast, served as temporary dwelling places for both woodland Indians and white explorers. As hikers near the shelter, the trail passes through a veritable rhododendron tunnel nestled beneath the tangled, jungle-like forest shrub layer. Once past the shelter, the trail plummets to the bottom of a moist ravine where a wooden bog bridge traverses a perpetually wet seep area. Beyond, the route ascends and closes the loop rejoining the initial in-bound trail section. Elevation change of 200 feet and marked with lime blazes.
  • Hiking

Pine Mountain State Resort Park, a 1,500 acre park in eastern Kentucky, offers plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Wasioto Winds Golf Course is an 18 hole championship course, ranked by Golf Digest as the fourth best new affordable public course in the country. If golf isn't your style, there are more than enough ways to feed your need for adventure at Pine Mountain. The park has 15 miles of self guided trails, a variety of area wildlife, and a museum as well as a nature center. Those wanting to enjoy the park for an extended stay may reserve a room at Hendon J. Evans lodge or in one of the 20 cottages on the park.