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Are you ready to get off the beaten path? You've come to the right state. You'll find hundreds of miles of scenic hiking trails in Kentucky ranging from bluegrass countryside and Appalachian Mountain landscapes to vast national forests and over 50 state parks.

Discover the green pastures and rolling hills of Horse Country. Trek through the mountainous terrain of the Appalachian foothills in Eastern Kentucky. Explore Kentucky caves and uncover unique rock formations in Cave Country, or search the Daniel Boone wilderness for amazing scenic views and hidden Kentucky waterfalls. Trails like the Sheltowee Trace and Pine Mountain Trail highlight the impressive lineup of hiking trails in Kentucky. The Sheltowee Trace stretches 280 miles from Pickett State Park in Tennessee, north through the Daniel Boone National Forest to its northern terminus above Cave Run Lake. It provides great opportunities for backpacking and through hiking, as well as plenty of access for those looking for shorter trips. The Pine Mountain Trail will extend along Kentucky's southeastern border from Cumberland Gap National Park through Breaks Interstate Park. The Pine Mountain Trail will also be part of the Great Eastern Trail, a north-south trail running parallel with the popular Appalachian Trail. There's virtually no end to the magnificent hiking in Kentucky.

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Henderson, KY
1.6 miles, accessed through Warbler Rd. and Wilderness Lake Trail, travels over hilly terrain in northern section of Nataure Preserve
Whitesburg, KY
7.4 miles of trail over uneven terrain and bridges, strenous, 1.2 miles to Bad Branch Falls, more strenous loop extends to the crest of Pine Mountain
Slade, KY
.75 mile trail, trailhead behind Hemlock Lodge, steepest trail in park, pass cave which leads to Original Trail, named for giant sandstone rock along trail
Stearns, KY
1.3 miles, looped, wooded trail, begins at back of Bandy Creek Visitor Center, hikers yield to horses crossing trail
Elizabethtown, KY
The path parallels the edge of a field along the City ByPass, and is shaded by numberous black walnut trees that grow along Shaw Creek.
London, KY
2.6 miles, popular trail beginning on Forest Road 193, follows north side of Bark Camp Creek, pass under rock shelters and cliffs, small waterfall 1 mile from trailhead, ends ...
Slade, KY
.75 mile trail, trail forks off of Original Trail to the right, follows ridge above parking lot, pass foot of Devil's Gulch, ends beneath bridge
Jamestown, KY
1.6 miles, linear trail, trailhead located 3.6 miles back from park entrance, level terrain and easy grade, end of trail is steep, leads up to lake overlook and Baughs Branch
Stearns, KY
.5 mile trail leading to the Bear Creek Overlook, one of the longest views in the gorge
Louisville, KY
1.33 miles, multiuse, hiking and biking, native plants and birds
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