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As the Horse Capital of the World, Kentucky is serious about horsing around. There are numerous trail systems that can provide weeks of riding at a time. These trail systems are located throughout the commonwealth and make for a variety of riding experiences. Kentucky's equestrian trails are located in close proximity to some of the finest horse camps and stables in the world. These fine facilities help make it easy to get on the trail.

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Columbia, KY
.9 Mile, begins at campground
Shelbyville, KY
1.4 miles, begins in Clear Creek Park below Lake Shelby Dam , numerous stops possible throught out Shelbyville, ends at Red Orchard Park
Harrodsburg, KY
3 mile looped trail, Trailhead #2, native prairie and forest, rated easy
Georgetown, KY
1.5 miles, easy, begins near Western Elementary, leads along Elkhorn Creek
Campbellsville, KY
.5 mile, spur off North Trail, easy
Campbellsville, KY
1.5 miles, begins at campground
Golden Pond, KY
Wranglers Campground Equestrian Trails provide over 100 miles of horse and wagon trails plus an extensive network of old roads leading to some of the most scenic spots at LBL....
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