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Apart from actually being here, if you want to get a good feel for Kentucky travel and tourism, videos are the best way. These Kentucky videos will take you on multiple adventures around The Bluegrass State from historic attractions to food and wine and rock climbing. Watch these Kentucky travel and tourism videos and start planning your next vacation! Don’t forget to check out our great Kentucky photos as well.

NOW PLAYING: Find Yourself on the South’s Great Lake, Kentucky Lake

As the first orange rays of a new day dance across the waves, the lake awakens. Anglers cast their lines and connect to what matters most - peace and quiet. Now, this is a place that perfectly reflects the majesty and magic of the bluegrass state. As smoke rises, the pit master adds a final sprinkle of spice. The first bite lets you know it’s worth the time it took to cook. Shops usher you into a world where small town charm thrives. Friends meet to raise a glass, families gather around a table. Adventure lies just across the water, a natural playground waiting to be explored. As the sun begins to set, lake goers find their way back to shore, and somewhere in that sheer expanse of water, you realize you’ve found what you were looking for all along. Find your peace. Find your freedom. Find yourself on The South's Great Lake, Kentucky Lake.