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  Green, green and more green.  Spring is sporting every shade of green imaginable on the surface-side of Mammoth Cave National Park.  You can see it and you can smell its freshness.  Ahhhh! Come...
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Spring Beauties at Lake Cumberland State Resort

Spring Beauties Since last weeks post would not co-operate I am reposting it this week, too pretty to miss! Over the last week or so, the sarvisberry and redbud trees are beginning to open up and dot ...
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Lake Cumberland State Resort is Bursting With Color!

The ornamental peach at Pumpkin Creek Lodge is bursting with vivid pink blossoms.  As you drive by the lodge road the blossoms catch your eye immediately.         This dainty blue ...
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Dogwoods and redbuds!

  The dogwood and redbud trees are blooming this week at Mammoth Cave National Park. What else is in flower?  Trilliums, saxifrage, spring beauties, Jacob’s ladder, periwinkle, corydalis, p...
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Barren River Lake State Resort Park – Wildflower Report

Because of the gorgeous weather we just had this past weekend, I was lucky enough to get out and hike around the park Saturday and witness the beauty of nature’s sights and sounds.  If wildflowe...
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Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Prestonsburg, Kentucky

Seems “old man” Winter has tucked his bitter head for another year and finally Spring temperatures have brought us our long awaited natural treasures for another season.  In the eastern pa...
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Southern Crabapple

The Crabapple trees around E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park are beginning to bloom! In a few short days, they will be full of tiny pink flowers, which will eventually fade into green leaves. T...
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Redbuds are blushing

  The redbud trees in and around Mammoth Cave National Park are just beginning to show their bright blush of pink. Hwy 70 and Hwy 255 on the routes into the park from Cave City and Park City will...
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Wildflowers at John James Audubon State Park

Henderson, KY-We’ve managed to cover all of April’s average rainfall amount in one 48 hr timeframe. This weekend, however is supposed to be beautiful for the Wildflower Extravaganza. Wildf...
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Spring Has Sprung At Lake Cumberland!

    Spring has definitely sprung at Lake Cumberland this week.  It sprang up with boys and girls everywhere.  Many schools were out for spring break this week and Lake Cumberland State Resor...
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Barren River Lake State Resort Park 1

Finally, Spring has arrived!  After a long cold winter, spring was highly anticipated and a welcoming event.  Here at Barren River Lake State Resort Park signs of spring are popping out everywhere.  A...
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Natural Bridge State Resort Park – Spring Wildflower Update

At long last spring has arrived at Natural Bridge!  The early flowers have graced the forest with their timely welcome as heralds of spring.  The tiny yellow flowers of spicebush are beginning to burs...
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Spring Beauty

Here we have the wonderful Spring Beauty! This little charm is a sure sign that Spring is here! Only about the size of a dime, it is a good thing they grow in large colonies along the woodland ground....
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March flowers in bloom at Mammoth Cave National Park

  March flowers have always signaled warmer, sunshiny days at Mammoth Cave, even before it became a national park in 1941. Cabins, stores, barns, and hotels once dotted the park’s 53,000 ac...
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Color me Spring!

Although we kept the evergreens and the neutral colors of dormancy all winter, it is finally time to start seeing those pops of color which represent Spring, life, and warm weather! The first eye brig...
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Wildflower watch at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site

Even though I just walked outside and saw a snowflake falling rest assured spring is on its way here at Big Bone Lick. The first three flowering plants to start growing on the park this year are spide...
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Spring Is In the Air!

Taking a walk around the E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park, I can definitely start to see the signs of Spring returning. Grasses are beginning to grow, some early buds are popping up on the tre...
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