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While maybe best known for its signature drink offerings (see bourbon, wine country and the famous Kentucky Derby mint julep), The Bluegrass State is also home to a number of innovative food dishes and a hearty culinary heritage.

Popular Kentucky cuisine includes the hot brown, Kentucky burgoo, famous Kentucky BBQ and of course, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Maybe no other state can lay claim to the extensive amount of flavor-shaping culinary creativity and history as the state of Kentucky.

Today that inspiration can be seen in unique Kentucky cuisine and dining establishments all over the state. Dine at a horse track and watch morning thoroughbred workouts over eggs. Experience white table cloth restaurants where the surrounding art is as provocative as the entrees are inventive. And find local favorites such as hot browns and Kentucky burgoo in nostalgic cafes along scenic bluegrass routes.

Ready to get a real taste of Kentucky cuisine? From fine downtown dining to Kentucky BBQ shacks in Western Kentucky, find dozens of Kentucky restaurants featuring your favorite flavors using the search below.

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Western Wetlands Gilbertsville, KY
"Good Friends Always Welcome" is our slogan!  Ralph's Harborview is located at Moors Resort and Marina on Kentucky Lake.  Ralph's is open seasonally for breakfast, l...
Irish Rover
Northern Kentucky River Region Louisville, KY
In Ireland — where they've raised community and relaxation to an art form — the pub is the social center. It's a place to meet family, friends, or business associa...
Iron Skillet
Northern Kentucky River Region Glendale, KY
Real Good Truck Stop food. Buffet
Iroquois Pizza
Northern Kentucky River Region Louisville, KY
Considered to be some of the best pizza in town and cooked to perfection each and every day. 
Northern Kentucky River Region Clermont, KY
While visiting Bernheim, be sure to stop in for a light meal or quick snack at Isaac’s Café.  Choose from a seasonal menu of fresh salads, soups, sandwiche...
Fried Chocolate pie is just one of the delectable desserts that can be ordered at the diner - others include homemade coconut cream, banana, fruit pies and more!
Caves, Lakes & Corvettes Jamestown, KY
Authentic Kentucky Country style dining at its best!  J & S Country Store really isn't a "store" per se, but a lovely small diner that makes some of the BEST homemade...
Northern Kentucky River Region Louisville, KY
J. Graham's is the home of the legendary "Hot Brown" and offers guests a bistro-style option for casual dining in the hotel and features the freshest local produce. Open for b...
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