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Explore Kentucky coal mining history, frontier life and more

The many historical places in Kentucky reflect the diverse heritage that the state proudly represents. Visit Hodgenville and walk the hallowed grounds of the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. At Harrodsburg and Boonesborough, watch history come alive as costumed interpreters portray life on the rugged frontier in pre-Revolutionary War forts. Kentucky’s development was shaped by its many waterways, and visiting Ohio River towns from Paducah to Maysville and Ashland will impart a glimpse into how the river brought life to the young commercial center. Learn about Kentucky coal mining history and see how coal has played such an important role in Kentucky’s industrial and cultural heritage by visiting mining company towns like Benham and Lynch in the Appalachian Mountains.

Visit the hundreds of historical places in Kentucky and brush up on Kentucky coal mining history, its famous citizens and its development through the years. Start planning a historic Kentucky trip today!
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Northern Kentucky River Region Louisville, KY
The Louisville Quest! is part race, part scavenger hunt and part historical, sight-seeing tour. Teams of 2 – 5 will compete against each other to answer challenge questi...
Kentuckys Southern Shorelines Horse Cave, KY
Horse Cave, (population 2,250) is located on the southern edge of Hart County. The town is centered on a cave from which it derived its name and water supply.  It was an ...
Northern Kentucky River Region La Grange, KY
Train runs right down the middle of Main Street.


Western Wetlands Paducah, KY
Paducah's oldest neighborhood is famous for the award-winning Artist Relocation Program that prompted its colorful revitalization which continues today with the expansion of t...
Bourbon, Horses & History Perryville, KY
Perryville's historic Merchants' Row is a series of original 1800s buildings with restaurant, gift shops, and museums in historic downtown Perryville. Fabric art depicting Per...
Bourbon, Horses & History Lexington, KY
The National Register of Historic Places listed this district as the Northside Residential Historic District Expanded in 1982. In 1985, it was designated locally as Mulb...
Kentuckys Southern Shorelines Munfordville, KY
 The Battle and the Siege of Munfordville took place near a bridge along the L&N Turnpike over a three-day period in September 1862. It was one of three Civil War eng...
Western Wetlands Paducah, KY
Named the most popular tourist attraction in Kentucky by Trip Advisor in ... experience available at all hours. More than 50 life-sized panoramic murals by renowned artist ...
Bourbon, Horses & History Frankfort, KY The Paul Sawyier Public Library strives to provide, on equal terms, free library services to all residents of Franklin County. Paul Sawyier Public Library 319 Wap...
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