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The Cumberland Mountains



Often overshadowed by the Appalachians, the Cumberland Mountains are a mountain range that runs through eastern Kentucky, in some places marking the border between Kentucky and Virginia.

There are countless natural treasures to be found in this area of The Bluegrass State. The Daniel Boone National Forest covers much of the area and offers quiet wilderness, scenery, wildlife watching, camping, cabins and more. According to the University of Kentucky, several species of trees — such as Fraser magnolia and yellow birch — can’t be found anywhere else in KY.

Often called “The Niagara of the South,” Cumberland Falls is an impressive 125 feet wide and 68 feet high, dumping a roaring 3,600 cubic feet of water per second over the precipice. Visitors lucky enough to see the falls on a clear night with a full moon may be treated to a “moonbow,” an arc of white light similar to a rainbow.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is a great place for hiking, cave exploring, and learning about the area’s pioneer history at Hensley Settlement.

Make plans to travel to and through the Cumberland Mountains! Our helpful maps of the Daniel Boone Country region and Kentucky Appalachians make it easy to find things to do.