Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses

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2033 Thomerson Park Rd.
Austin KY 42123

Kenny Mattingly was a dairy farmer before he became a cheese maker.  The shift happened in the late 1990's as a way to save the farm from the perils of a suffering fluid-milk market.  The Mattingly's, a family operation that now includes Kenny's wife, Beverly and son Jared, began making cheeses to serve their local region by way of farmer's markets and a few restaurants.  Over the years, the operation has grown and Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese has became a national brand.  All of the cheeses owe a good amount of credit to the high quality milk that still comes from the farm, where the milking parlor is still strategically placed adjacent to the creamery.  The herd consists primarily of Holsteins but also contains a few Jerseys and a cross of some European breeds that provide diversity to the makeup of the milk.  A small but extended family of workers and believers help the Mattingly's coordinate and execute their business.  The priority is still to serve local markets and restaurants in nearby cities of Louisville and Nashville, with aspirations of also providing interesting cheeses to those who seek it, wherever they are.