Lee County Memorial Wall

lee county memorial wall photo
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15 HWY 52 W
Beattyville KY 41311
A wall of bricks engraved with a veteran's name and service record off HWY 11 in Beattyville, KY. The wall was designed to reflect the military service of any and all veterans form Lee County who served their county, in any capacity. All families are welcome to purchase a brick for the wall and often grandchildren do crayon rubbings of their relatives names. Names on the wall include Lt. James McGuire, who was killed in the battle of Blue Licks in the last battle of the American Revolution. Also recent soldiers such as Sgt. William G. Bowling who was killed in Iraq. By its very design, the Memorial Wall will not be finished as long as soldiers are called for duty. The hope is that this mural will never be covered.