The General's Cabin

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5539 HWY 2016
Beattyville KY 41311
On March 18, of 1923 Jim Little was born in the Appalachian hills of southeastern Kentucky. Poor beyond measure, he walked to a one room school house a few miles from his home where he would alternate between his studies and day-dreaming about a better life for himself. Beauty surrounded him in spring when the red bud dotted the hills of green, and this young boy, full of intelligence and yearning knew he would have to make a way out of the poverty and deprivation he lived with daily.  He literally walked out of the hills of Kentucky, worked his way through the engineering program at the university   with the help of an ROTC stipend and graduated in the spring of 1941, just in time to be among the first Americans to be deployed in the Second World War. After an illustrious career of nearly 30 years, he would return as a highly decorated warrior who completed some 123 combat missions as a Flying Tiger, hero of the air war in Korea, as well as a test pilot of early jet age, and attaining the rank of General at the age of 40. He retired and could have lived anywhere in the world, but chose to return to the hills of his birth to create a beautiful hand-built cabin nestled in the woods on a magnificent 40 acre site. Here he lived in a delicious peace and solitude the quiet life of a farmer adoring the splendor of his native hills until the very day he died in 1995. I, General Little’s daughter, lovingly took on the restoration of my father’s cabin shortly after his death. Not wanting it or him to be forgotten I have offered it for rental to the public since 2005. I invite you to experience this one of a kind cabin for yourself.Please take the time to go to and reserve your dates. For more information on The General’s Cabin please call 859-351-5546. You may also connect with us on our Facebook Fanpage. 
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