benham, kentucky photo


Benham KY 40807

What began as a coal camp has become the tiny town of Behnam.  At the turn of the 20th century, miners began shipping coal from Benham's L & N Railroad Depot to the South Chicago Steel Works.  The town was built in a circle...complete with mine offices, a company store, hospital, theatre, clubhouse, school, church and bandstand.  The community interacted as one extended family in work and recreation.

The depot itself is long gone but visitors are greeted by the CSX caboose situated in the Coal Miner's Memorial Park.  You'll find a vibrant community rich in history and preserved heritage.  Listen to the sounds of the hand cut stone spring that supplies Benham's water and relax in this home away from home retreat. 

To visit Benham's past, visit the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum. To see its present and future, take a tour of Benham and witness the active process of community-initiated change.