horse farm with road in front of white fence with horses in field

Road Trips

Bluegrass, Bourbon, Horses and Boone

  • Kentucky Bourbon Experiences

    If you want to taste Kentucky bourbon and see how distilling is done, there are no wrong turns with Kentucky Bourbon Experiences.

  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour

    With stops at 19 superb small-batch distilleries, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour is proof that it pays to venture off the beaten path.

  • Interstate 64

    Discover all that is quintessentially Kentucky on this east-west roadway – from Louisville’s buzzing bourbon and culinary scene to the proud musical and cultural heritage of the Appalachian Mountains.

  • Interstate 75

    Highlights along this highway include Kentucky Horse Park, the original KFC and Cumberland Falls – but there are many more sights, sounds and local bites to savor along the way.

  • Country Ham Trail

    A savory Southern specialty for breakfast, lunch or dinner, country ham is one of Kentucky’s favorite foods.

  • Fried Chicken Trail

    From the original KFC to soul food joints to fine dining, sink your teeth into some of the best fried chicken in America.

  • Brewgrass Trail

    Tap into Kentucky’s ever-growing craft beer scene in and around Lexington.

  • Bon Appetit Appalachia Kentucky

    Get a taste of Kentucky mountain culture and traditions, from farm to table.

  • Kentucky Lincoln Heritage Trail

    Abraham Lincoln lived in Kentucky for the first seven years of his life, and that period left a lifelong impression on the future leader.

  • Boone Trace

    Daniel Boone was an explorer and hero of American pioneer history, the preeminent symbol for America's westward movement across its first frontier.

  • Bluegrass Parkway

    The Bluegrass Parkway winds through the knobs of central Kentucky where Abraham Lincoln was born, and travels onward through Bourbon Country amid rolling hills of the bluegrass that give the roadway its name.

  • Boone Parkway

    This parkway travels through the heart of Kentucky’s Daniel Boone Country, where adventure waits around every bend.

  • Civil War Heritage Trail

    Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Trail was created to observe the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, and includes 36 historic and interpretive sites around the state – from battlefields and cemeteries to the birthplaces of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.