Atkinson-Griffin House Museum

atkinson-griffin house museum photo


544 Lake Road
Campbellsville KY 42718

The Atkinson-Griffin House Museum is the last stop on the Tebbs Bend Battlefield driving tour.

The 1840 Atkinson-Griffin House served as a Confederate hospital after the Battle of Tebbs Bend, where Confederate General John Hunt Morgan began his raid into Indiana and Ohio on July 4, 1863. Visitors can view artifacts and map of the battle, a Tebbs Bend diorama, Confederate and Federal uniforms, Morgan’ s Men Exhibit featuring photographs of over 130 officers and men, Polk Life Exhibit, and other Civil war memorabilia. The blood stains of soldiers still remain in the floor of an upstairs bedroom.

The Atkinson-Griffin House Museum can be viewed at the US Army Corp of Engineers Visitors Center at Green River Lake.