Silver Run Ranch Alpacas

Silver Run Ranch Alpacas Photo


15325 Silver Run Rd
Catlettsburg KY 41129

The Alpacas Ranch begun in the Autumn of 2012.  Silver Run Ranch grew from an idea to connect to a simpler, less hectic life; on that would allow a more intimate connection with the wonder of Kentucky's rural countryside.  They drew from the resources on hand to build their ranch.  The wood for the fence line was harvested from the trees on their property.  The barn shelters were designed and hand built in the fashion of our pioneering forefathers, with rough timber and un-milled slab boards.  Simple mud and straw fills the chinks between boards to ward off the winter winds.  Rain barrels catch fresh water for the herd.  

Solar panels provide electricity to light the barn during early morning or late evening visits with the herd.  The end result for the visit is a feeling of stepping back to an earlier century for a visit with a very gentle and unique animal.

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