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Region North Central Kentucky

The Radcliff/Fort Knox Communities share a uniquely close relationship that dates back to the establishment of both communities in 1919.  After the federal government established Camp Knox, 35 miles south of Louisville, a young auctioneer named Horace McCullum began to develop a new town just south of the camp.  To facilitate his plan, he held an extravaganza which included an auction of lots in the new town.  In McCullum's words, it was "a chance to get in on the ground floor of a booming community and find happiness forever."  The new town was named Radcliff after McCullum's long time friend Major William Radclilffe.  It quickly grew and prospered Throughout the years, the community has preserved its close ties with Fort Knox.  During the war years, the city of Radcliff expanded to accommodate hundreds of families of men and women training and serving in the military.  Radcliff continues to enjoy a working partnership with Fort Knox.  With a population of more than 23,000 residents, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in Kentucky.  Radcliff offers advantages of living in a growing community, with new job opportunities, an expanding school system and the promise of many new cultural advances.   The Radcliff and Fort Knox area also offers many opportunities for visitors.  Attractions in the area include the General George Patton Museum, Saunders Springs Nature Preserve, the Veterans Cemetery, Tioga Falls Hiking Trail, Bridges to the Past Walking Trail, Fort Duffield Civil War Fort and the US Bullion Depository, aka the "Gold Vault".  Although interior visits of the vault are not permitted, the exterior can be seen from US 31W.  The Radcliff and Fort Knox area is an all-season destination.