Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum, Inc.

pow wow 2022 photo


4116 Cumberland Falls Hwy
Corbin KY 40701
The Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum was founded in 1999 to promote understanding of North America's Indigenous People from both historic and contemporary perspectives. This is done through collection and dissemination of information about their histories, cultures, beliefs, and expressive arts. Focus is also paid to their existing communities, lifestyles, occupations and ways, and their past and ongoing contributions to Appalachia's and our nation's cultural weave.
We have particular interest in providing venues for and otherwise supporting the work and lifestyles of those who preserve tribal traditions in their homes and communities. This support includes through educational and social activities, creative expressions and proactive honoring of diversity in schools, museums, libraries, festivals and other public and private outlets. Call to make an appointment.
They also host an annual Pow Wow at our home base location at 4116 Cumberland Falls Highway in Corbin, Kentucky each Labor Day weekend.