Digital & Web Co-Op Options

Our digital and website advertising options provide you the opportunity to get your message in front of a highly-qualified audience that is interested in visiting Kentucky.

Leverage the expertise of our marketing agency's editorial, video and media teams to feature your local experiences.


When site visitors sign up to receive information from the state, they can  request to receive information directly from you as well. Upon selecting you, consumers receive an instant auto-generated email from you that directs them to your site or provides them an offer. Then, we send your leads to you in a weekly email.

Investment: $3 / lead

Special Alerts

The Special Alerts bar is a thin banner that appears at the top of the Kentucky Tourism website and attracts attention, while supplementing the content the visitor is seeking. When you purchase the alerts bar, you'll have access to add a call to action button link across all pages of the site, except the home page. This is prime real-estate to promote a discount or deal, upcoming event or other important announcement.

Investment: $2,500 / mo.

Content Creation: Articles

Working with a content producer at Miles partnership, develop an article that puts the spotlight on your destination. Upon completion, your content will be featured on for one year. You also own the content for use on your website and other marketing channels indefinitely, which will continue to drive traffic for you.

Article Options
New - Includes content creation and 12-month placement $2,140
Article Renewal - Includes minor edits and 12-month extension $1,070

Content Creation: Videos

Miles Partnership will work with you to strategize and produce a custom 60-90 second experiential, music-driven video and a 15-second version for social media distribution. Your video will live on for 12 months after finalization. In addition, you’ll own the rights to the videos and footage which you can leverage for future marketing purposes.

Video Options
New Video - Includes shoot, editing and 12-month placement $7,000
New Video (with existing footage) $1,500*
Video Renewal - Includes 12-month extension $2,110
Video Re-Edit - Includes minor edits to existing
co-op video

*Price may be adjusted based on the amount of hi-res footage available.

Storytelling Package - NEW!

Take your custom content to the next level and build your own marketing asset library! This new offering for FY22 combines the video and article options above. Working with the team at Miles Partnership, you'll receive videos, still photos and written content that will live on a custom-built page for the Kentucky Tourism website for one year. In addition, you’ll own the rights to the videos, photos and content, which you can leverage for future marketing purposes.

Investment: $13,800

Audience Extension & Retargeting

The Audience Extension and Retargeting program is your one stop shop to reach an in-the-market travel audience interested in booking their vacation to Kentucky and inspire them to visit your website. The programmatic approach allows you to engage with travelers throughout their browsing experience and deliver qualified and engaged traffic to your website.

After a user visits, they will be re-engaged throughout their browsing experience with your banner or native ad. Building off the retargeting strategy, your ad will be served to a custom look-a-like audience that will provide inspiration to new travelers looking for their next vacation destination. The combined strategies aim to position you to be top of mind during a critical step of the travel planning consideration.    

Retargeting Program Options
Package Cost Per Month Impressions CPM
Tier 1 $15,000 2,000,000 $7.50
Tier 2 $6,000 750,000 $8
Tier 3 $2,500 250,000 $10

Once you have reviewed the offerings available, contact Miles Partnership with any questions and to secure your spot:

Elijah Zimmerman, Co-Op Marketing Manager