Kentucky Fresh Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are growing in Kentucky, with some 150 markets and 2500+ vendors to be found in large urban market areas as well as small rural communities in almost every county. Kentucky farmers markets are celebrations of life – colorful arrays of fresh fruits and vegetables, plus eggs, smoked meats, cheeses, flowers, herbs, honey, seedlings and homemade goodies, crafts and more. Visitors will also find classes, contests and family entertainment.

If you love food, make plans to visit some of our wonderful farmers markets around the Bluegrass State and see where true Kentucky taste comes from.

Why Buy from a Local Grower?

We get an A+ for our abundant farmers markets, even though F is the more descriptive letter when you reap the rewards of shopping and buying locally:

F is for Freshness – It’s likely that watermelon or those beans were harvested within 24 hours of when you arrived at your local farmers market, so they’ve retained more of their nutrition than those shipped across the country.

Flavor – Ever notice how flavorless tomatoes from the grocery store taste, even during the summer growing season? Your local farmers market offers fresh, healthy, flavorful food.

Flowers – Many farmers markets sell beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

Farmers & farm families– You support your local economy and your local farmers when you buy local.

Family Fun – Kentucky’s farmers markets are a great place for family fun! Learn something new, make a new friend, trade recipes or share cooking experiences.

Fruits (and Vegetables) – What a beautiful variety of seasonal fruits and veggies await.

Though Kentucky farmers markets are typically held on Saturdays starting in the spring (May or June) and ending in the fall (September or October), some markets stay open for the winter months: Bounty of the Barrens in Glasgow runs the second Sat from November to April and the Louisville Winter Farmers Market appears to be open on Saturdays starting in January–with root veggies, winter squash, carrots, potatoes and salad mix. For a full list of Kentucky farmers markets, search our Agritourism page.

Find familiar favorites (tomatoes, corn, onions, eggs, greens, carrots, and seasonal fruit such as strawberries) as well as heirloom vegetables, raw milk cheese, mushrooms, grains, pastries, organic produce and meat, honey and gourmet greens, artisan crafts, pottery and soap at the Berea Farmers Market. Open year round, this market requires vendors to raise all the food for sale, assuring shoppers everything they supply is a fresh local product.

At the Farmer’s Market on the Square in Columbia, meet farmers, gardeners, artisans and musicians while shopping for homegrown fruit and produce, hand crafted cheeses, pasture-raised poultry and pork, handmade gifts, landscape items, herbs, and more. Open 28 Saturdays April to October.

Is your mouth watering yet? Boiling over with great ideas for recipes? Grab your reusable shopping bag and find a local farmers market this week. Buy local and eat well in KY!