Blue Mondays

Blue Mondays are an irresistible throwback to the “old fashioned” candy bars you may remember from childhood. They are the invention of candy maker Ruth Hunt, and the “signature product” of the Ruth Hunt Candy Company located in Mt. Sterling, KY. For more than ninety years, the tasty candy bar has long been a regional favorite in central Kentucky.

Blue Monday candy bars are made from an original recipe using simple ingredients including sugar, cream, butter, water and semi-sweet chocolate. They are manufactured using old-fashioned methods, with much of their production process still being labor intensive (hands on). The Blue Monday candy consists of a soft cream center enveloped in a semi-sweet chocolate covering that almost immediately melts in your mouth. Ahhh, heaven.

You can watch the production of Blue Mondays, as well as chocolates, toffee and many other candies most days of the week by taking a Ruth Hunt Candy Factory tour. Come and taste the sweetest treats made here in Kentucky.