Bourbon Balls

 In Kentucky the term “bourbon balls” refers to the chocolate covered candy confections infused with real bourbon. They were developed by Ruth Booe, co-founder of the Rebecca Ruth Candy Company in Frankfort, in the 1930’s when a local dignitary suggested that she add bourbon to chocolate. Booe spent a couple of years perfecting the recipe, and the result is a gourmet treat that Kentuckians have come to love.

The typical authentic bourbon ball recipes calls for a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate, butter, pecans, confectioners’ sugar and of course, bourbon. In the production process, the butter-cream center is made first, then dipped in chocolate and topped with a pecan. It’s a uniquely Kentucky food that’s firmly rooted in the state’s culinary history.

Visit and tour the Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory & Museum in Frankfort to see how these delightful confections are made and take home a box or two. You can also learn how to make your own version at home with this great bourbon ball recipe. Share these treats with your family and friends!