Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is one of the South’s favorite recipes, and it looks like it sounds. It consists of bread or bread crumbs and is served as a dessert. Bread pudding is made a variety of ways and from many recipes, the origin of which may depend on the country or region you are in. The typical American recipe usually consists of “old” plain bread cut into cubes, eggs, sugar, butter, milk and spices such as vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon and some type of fruit (raisins, bananas, etc.).

The bread is usually soaked in a mixture, other ingredients added and then baked. It can be served alone, along with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Often in Kentucky it is topped with a bourbon sauce, an authentic Kentucky food tradition.

Want to learn to make one of the tastiest Kentucky desserts? Try this authentic Bread pudding with bourbon sauce recipe and enjoy at home or share with guests at your next party — it’s guaranteed to make taste buds happy.

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The bread pudding pictured above is from Louisville Bed and Breakfast, Chateau Bourbon