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Best Fried Chicken in Kentucky

The Quest for the Best Fried Chicken in Kentucky

Kentucky fried chicken. It’s a household phrase thanks to a Col. Harland Sanders who, with a modified pressure cooker and secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, changed the world of food forever. Sanders’s Kentucky Fried Chicken began at the Sanders Café in Corbin, Kentucky in the 1930s and today has become one of the largest fast-food franchises in the world.

Today, the Sanders Café and Museum sits where fried chicken history was made. In Shelbyville, you’ll find the Claudia Sanders Dinner House, which was founded by the Colonel and his wife in 1968. The restaurant still serves delicious home-cooked fare–including some incredible fried chicken.

But the legacy of fried chicken in Kentucky goes beyond KFC. There are many restaurants around the state that are doing the dish justice. Here are a few contenders for best fried chicken in Kentucky.

The Blue Heron Steakhouse offers a high-end take on fried chicken, using only locally-raised chickens.

Beaumont Inn is known for its “yellow-legged” fried chicken cooked the old-fashioned way–in lard.

Historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill serves up Mrs. Kremer’s Fried Chicken, a half a salt brined spring chicken tossed in seasoned flour and fried till golden. 

World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky is held every September and features family-friendly activities, live music and some of the best fried chicken you’ll find anywhere.

Want to fry up some chicken at home? This Perfect Southern Fried Chicken recipe is a good place to start.