Culinary Trails

If you are a culinary explorer, you’ll enjoy traveling to discover new and different food and wine experiences in every area of Kentucky. There are enough excellent food culture encounters experiences here to plan a whole trip based around them. Looking for great foodie vacation destinations? The culinary travel tours and trails listed here offer you an opportunity to experience local Kentucky cuisine through different themes that interest you as you travel across this beautiful state.
  • Love to eat sweets? You’ll find plenty of outstanding options.
  • Craving some traditional slow-cooked Kentucky BBQ? There’s a trail for that.
  • Wondering what the heck is Hot Brown? You must taste this traditional dish!
  • Bourbon enthusiasts can follow the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to the state’s top distilleries for a tour and taste. 
Savor gourmet and casual cooking for days as you embark on these fun foodie adventures and culinary journeys. With day trips full of learning and tasting, you'll want to stay in your choice of luxury hotels, budget-friendly bed and breakfasts or anything in between on your nights along the trail.

Whether for a day or a week, these food tours and trails offer something edible and exciting to savor on your next getaway. You’ll come back with a full stomach, plenty of great stories and maybe even a new favorite dish or recipe. Click the culinary travel tours and trails above to get some inspiration and start planning delicious vacations in the Bluegrass State!

Arts & Wine Destination Map