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According to Ghosts of the Prairie and other sources, Kentucky may well be the most haunted state in the upper South. Haunted nightclubs and restaurants, haunted houses, hotels and hospitals, mysterious music, paranormal phenomena, surprising spirits and unusual occurrences can be found in every Region of Kentucky. Experience Kentucky’s spooky attractions on haunted house tours and on visits to these Kentucky locations with their own haunted histories:

Waverly Hill Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Louisville

Considered to be one of America’s most haunted and “spiritually active” places, the Waverly Hill Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Louisville was a family home in the 1880s, Waverly Hills began housing tuberculosis patients in 1912 when the “white death” was spreading like wildfire. There was no cure to the illness and many perished - urban legends estimate 8,000 to 63,000 deaths over 50 years. Bodies were removed by use of the so-called “body chute” or death tunnel, so patients didn’t have to see how many had passed. Visitors to the Sanatorium have reported hearing the voices of children playing, doors slamming, footsteps; smelling freshly baked bread, seeing apparitions and assorted lights - even though the building has no power. Many of these unexplained encounters have provided fodder for a handful of television shows and specials, including: Syfy Channel‘s Ghost Hunter, ABC Family’s Scariest Places on Earth, Celebrity Paranormal Project, Most Haunted and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

Haunted house tours and ghost hunts are available March through August and weekends only from late Sept to early November. Reservations are required.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Newport

Across the river south of Cincinnati just past Newport, Kentucky is Wilder, home to possibly the most haunted nightclub and bar in America. Originally a slaughterhouse, the basement had a sealed well to wash the blood off the animals. Urban legends claim the site is haunted by a headless corpse of a woman, her two Satan-worshiping killers who were subsequently hanged, and a dance hall girl who committed suicide after her disapproving father had her lover killed. Manifestations include water and lights turning on and off, and entities have been known to poke customers and pull their hair; one patron even received text messages! Paranormal investigators claim to have evidence that spirits do dwell in Bobby Mackey’s.

Mammoth Cave in Mammoth Cave National Park

There are numerous ghost stories and hauntings associated with Mammoth Cave, quite possibly “the largest haunted place in the world”, speculates Ghosts of the Prairie. From early cave dwellers who buried their dead to detailed accounts of mysterious movements, strange sounds and ghostly apparitions from former owners, cave guides, visitors and park rangers, there are too many accounts to dismiss the notion that no ghosts or spirits reside inside this extraordinary cave system.More than a dozen tours are available, lasting 30 minutes to five hours.