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Kentucky Urban Legends & Tall Tales: Fact, Fiction or Folklore?

Have you heard of the Hillbilly Beast, the legend of Sleepy Hollow Road or any of the other popular ghost stories of Kentucky? Whether you choose to believe these Kentucky urban legends or not, they’re intriguing pieces of local culture and folklore. Read up on some of the better-known creature and ghost stories of Kentucky below.

Hillbilly Beast

Did you know/have you heard the legend of the Hillbilly Beast? This Bigfoot-like creature resides in the foothills of eastern Kentucky, is huge and hairy, smells horrid, glides when it runs and has yellow eyes and a ferocious howl. Reports of this terrifying monster date back to the days of Daniel Boone, but increasing encounters provided enough interest that History Channel’s MonsterQuest featured the Hillbilly Beast in an episode aired in their fourth season.

Sleepy Hollow Road

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society investigated a trio of tall tales that took place along Sleepy Hollow Road near Prospect and Louisville. A black hearse appears out of nowhere, speeds up and causes drivers to run off the road and into a ravine 30 feet below. Cries and screams have been heard under what used to be a covered bridge called Cry-baby Bridge, where settlement women went to allegedly toss their unwanted or sickly children; and during the 1970s and 1980s it was rumored that satanic rituals were performed at Devil’s Point.
Louisville Ghost Hunters Explores "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!"

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