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Explore actual haunted houses and haunted hotels in Kentucky – IF you dare!

If you enjoy feeling the hair stand up on the back of your neck and don’t mind things that go bump in the night, then you’ll want to book a room for the night at these real haunted hotels in Kentucky. You’ll find actual haunted houses and other spooky places here that make for the perfect ghostly getaway in The Bluegrass State. Read through our guide of the scariest attractions in KY below, and make plans to visit a few and perhaps catch a glimpse of ghosts!

Historic Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast in Bardstown

The oldest operating jail complex in Kentucky housed inmates from 1797-1987. The Old Nelson County Jail’s upper floors featured an “upstairs dungeon” where the most violent criminals were shackled to the floor and two cells for less dangerous offenders. The Jail was restored and converted into a B&B in 1988, and since 1989 staff members and visitors alike have reported hearing footsteps walking up and down the stairs, whispering, talking, a baby crying and the occasional piano note playing. Apparently some incarcerated souls still reside inside. A few years ago the Travel Channel listed the Jailer’s Inn as “one of the top 10 most haunted sites in America.” Are you captivated by the Inn’s scary vibe? Plan a trip!

The Seelbach Hilton Lobby

The Seelbach Hilton in Louisville

One widely accepted story is that in 1936 a hotel patron, Patricia Wilson, was desperate to reunite with her estranged husband. They agreed to meet in Seelbach, but he never showed up. When Mrs. Wilson found out he died in an accident, she became distraught. A short time later, her body was found at the bottom of the service elevator shaft. Another version tells of a bride-to-be waiting for her beloved she thinks abandoned her, but he actually died in a tragic accident. The wedding party finds her body, clad in a blue dress, in an elevator shaft. Fifty years later hotel guests claim to have seen her – a pretty but sad-looking brunette wearing a blue dress. Other than the Lady in Blue, staff and guests have also seen other entities and apparitions, heard footsteps and smelled an unidentified scent of perfume. Built in 1905, this unique four-diamond luxury hotel was the backdrop for the Buchanan wedding in “The Great Gatsby.”

The Old Talbott Tavern, a B&B in Bardstown

The oldest (1779) stagecoach stop in the US, some of Old Talbott’s most famous guests included Daniel Boone and Abe Lincoln. But the most infamous guest (ghost) is Jesse James. Until recently it was believed that he visited the historical inn regularly, but now only a mysterious woman continues to haunt the place. Doors open and close of their own accord; keys, furniture and orbs of light move; things disappear and reappear; clocks chime and footsteps are heard day and night. The Old Talbott, the world’s oldest bourbon bar, claims to be the 13th most haunted hotel in America.

The Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel in Louisville

This four-star 16-story hotel accommodated visitors from the 1920s to the early 1970s, a few years after the death of its founder, John Graham Brown. After renovation, the hotel reopened a decade later, and staff report a variety of paranormal activity: the elevator frequently stops at the 15th floor (where Brown and his dog resided), footprints appear in the dust, footsteps and moving furniture are heard and the scent of a cigar is noted. The spirit of the original proprietor appears to still be keeping his eye on things.

The DuPont Mansion, an upscale bed & breakfast inn, in “Old” Louisville

This elegant, three-story Victorian mansion was once the1870s home of wealthy industrialist brothers, Biederman and Alfred DuPont. But bachelor Alfred preferred to live elsewhere in Louisville, supposedly so he could keep his lifestyles choices more private (he was said to frequent houses of ill repute). When Alfred’s mistress became pregnant in 1893, he tried to send her away but she shot and killed him. Although the family thought they covered up this scandal, it is believed that Alfred haunts his familiar stomping grounds. An entity was reportedly seen in 1998 wearing a tux with a bullet hole in the chest; an interior designer reported several strange experiences involving a male entity, feeling hot air blown into her ear and being goosed by an invisible hand.

Historic Maple Hill Manor B&B in Springfield

A craft shop, orchard, nature preserve and an alpaca and llama farm, this historic Greek Revival plantation house was built by slaves in 1851 for the Thomas McElroy family. Some survivors of the Civil War Battle of Perryville, fought nearby in 1862, were brought here to recover but some died from their wounds. Could it be that the spirits of the soldiers as well as the family inhabit this old homestead? What else could account for the footsteps heard in empty rooms, cold spots, odd lights showing up on photographs, and prophetic dreams some people have reported? If you’re interested book a stay in this beautiful historic home. 

Spend the night in any one of these actual haunted houses and haunted hotels in Kentucky and let us know of any supernatural stories, hair-raising adventures or eerie experiences you may have.