Kentucky River Water Trail

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500 Mero St.
Frankfort KY 40601

The Kentucky River has long been a fixture of central and eastern Kentucky. Totaling 260 miles, it begins in eastern Kentucky with its three forks. Those three forks combine in Beattyville and there begins the main stem of the Kentucky River. From there the river is broken into 14 pools by the same amount of lock and dams. The first four of these upstream to Frankfort have been slated to be reopened and once again allow passage of boats . These structures were important to the commerce the river carried in decades past. There are several pools of the Kentucky River that have been highlighted as Kentucky Blue Water Trails by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Fishing is popular in all of the pools, and most every species found in Kentucky can be found somewhere within the Kentucky River. There are also several outfitters that rent canoes and kayaks on the Kentucky River. Several communities along the river are attempting to increase access and awareness of the river. At the mouth in Carrollton it empties into the mighty Ohio River.